Tripmare S.p.A. - Towage and Salvage

"Remulco est, quum scaphae remis navis magna trahitur" [Paolo Diacono]

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Harbour and offshore terminal towage services

78 cordaTripmare S.p.A. is the concessionaire for vessel towage services in the Port of Trieste. Its fleet consists of 6 tugboats operating round the clock to assist tankers, container vessels, RO-RO ships and conventional vessels.
In recent years, 7 new craft have entered into service. Three of them are fitted with Voith Schneider propellers, whose power and steering can perfectly match customers’ needs.
“Gladiator” and “Davide” are the names of the new tugboats joining the fleet in early 2013.
“Gladiator” is a common name for the vessel units owned by Tripcovich. Its tonnage is 463 tons, it is 32.5 m long and was built by Bogazici Denizcilik, a Turkish shipyard on the Bosphorus in Istanbul.
“Davide” was built in 2008 by Italian shipyards and is the most powerful tugboat in Italy.
The new units have the most modern characteristics of power - with 70 and 80 tons of bollard pull respectively - steering and fire-fighting capacity, whose extinguishing power can reach up to 2.700 tons an hour.
The Company provides towage and safety services (including fire-fighting), control of pollution from hydrocarbons and tanker escort services to Trieste’s offshore oil terminal managed by S.I.O.T. (Società Italiana per l’Oleodotto Transalpino S.p.A), which handles tankers up to 215.000 tons of tonnage. This terminal is a crucial point for energy supply to Austria and Germany.
In particular, the port of Trieste operates in the handling of liquid bulk cargo, containers and lorries.
State-of-the-art tugboats, qualified staff and on-board equipment play a fundamental role in ensuring port safety and prompt action in the event of an emergency (fire, oil spills, etc.).
The Company is also the concessionaire for other port services, such as:

  • handling of floats;
  • supply of fenders and deployment of booms.