Tripmare S.p.A. - Towage and Salvage

"Remulco est, quum scaphae remis navis magna trahitur" [Paolo Diacono]

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Tripmare S.p.A. is the concessionaire for towage services in the Port of Trieste. Its fleet of tugboats is provided with state-of-the-art technology, the same as you can find in northern European ports.

Through the efficiency and effectiveness of its 10-craft fleet and its highly qualified staff, the following objectives have been pursued and achieved:

    - supply of services to the vessels calling at the port of Trieste ensuring the highest standards of reliability, safety and quality;
    - services in line with the needs of increasingly larger vessels;
    - reduction of towage tariffs in order to promote traffic.

The last two units started operating in 2013 and are the “tip of the iceberg” of an ongoing development policy which, since Tripmare’s establishment in 1994, has seen significant economic and organisational investments.

The Group Tripmare belongs to has around eighty towboats with different technical specifications at its disposal in various ports around the world. A fleet thus structured allows the group to handle units fairly easily, based on the requirements of the different harbours and on the most diverse needs.